Monday, July 03, 2006

believe it or not!!

This guy's name is Balramnand and I'm Mr.Nasty..I was travelling in the 2nd ac for the first time.. I thought the 35hrs of journey would be boring with people sleeping all the time in their berths..But I met this person who asked me if i can play chess with him.. I said ,i would love to.. I'm not a great chess player but I play reasonably well.. this person played incredibly well and eventually I lost to him..
But whatz special about this game, just it's between me n some one else who is a co-passenger travelling to jalandhar.. u might wonder..
But you know this guy was blind .. and at any point of time he never made me feel this point, and his moves were impeccable his strategy was excellent.. i had to bow to him..and he is so talented that he can play tabla,keyboard,mouthorgan and what not!!
genius isn't was really sad that i couldnt have a pic with him..