Saturday, January 27, 2007

Apache and CBZ extreme.. and the ride and the Games...

Had, a great weekend.. Met friends.. and it was a lot of fun playing in water.. oh. i'd been to the Ocean park and the Gandipet, with three of my friends and that was a great experience.. The best part of the trip was a the ride back to home,.. and my new Digi cam captured splendind pics.. and the best one was..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guru Kanth desai..

"Wow, that was a terrific movie", My friend told me, and i was eager to watch the movie, as it was the great Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman Combination.. When i saw the movie ,it was too good.With a decent story which depicts the situation of business in India immediately after independence.. where only the rich could start any business.. Hats-off to Ambani who created a new empire..

The High-light of Movie was Mithuns' action.. but abhisheks was more like mimicking amitabh bachan and kamal hassan..

there were a couple of questions unanswered for me.. what happened to madhavan and mithun chakraborthy at the end...??

Monday, January 08, 2007

I don't give a damn..

"Hello Sir, Would you like to try our new credit card?" " Sir, would you like an appartment in madhapur.. ".. I dont know where these people get my phone number from.. there is some one who *SOLD* my contact to these people... who sell credit cards and other offers from.. these calls might get annoyning some times and we tend to get a bit rude.. thats fine..
Some times i see people who call the Call center and ask wierd questions and expect to get the answer as if the person on the other end is CEO of the org.. "Is this the quality of service you provide??".. ofcourse he is not the owner of the company he too has some limitations and most important thing is they are doing there job... So lets try not be rude to them.. atleast i will..