Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Every morning god wants to hear a joke, then he reads our plans .

Awesome, will have good laugh whenever i make plans.. harsh reality .how fluid our plans are!!..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zakir hussains remark.
q.Why dont we find zebra crossings in India.
a.'coz they are somewhere in Africa :-)


Zakir Hussain Tabla,Tafuiq Quereshi the percussionist, Sabir Khan on Sarangi, Niladri Kumar on Sitar.

The names themselves sound legendary,just imagine what the performace must've been like.
It was as if Music is their property which they have inherited from ancestors.
It was as if they own the instrument and dont share the knowledge with others.
It was as if i'm sitting in a Durbar and listening to those 300 year old compositions!!
It is really scary to imagine what those people do every day to reach this zenith of perfection.
Zakir's description of his compositions.and his sense of humour.
Niladri's rendetion of Beethoven's Fur Elise and its transition into RaghuPati Raghava Rajaram was too too too good.
Over all Thank you for the evening :-)